About Us

Our mission at iSkipper is to be a customer-centered company; we want to cater to your multi-faceted personality and busy schedule. You might be wondering exactly how we plan to do that and we’re here to tell you. It’s only by listening to your concerns and interacting with you in an open, transparent manner that we are able to meet all your smartphone accessory needs.

Listen to Your Concerns

We didn’t just hear the complaints and problems many young students and professionals just like you have – we listened to them!

You’ve got an outrageously busy schedule and your phone is practically an extension of your body. Losing it, breaking it or having it not work are simply not viable options.

Sound about right?

You need something indestructible but you don’t want one of those thick bulky black cases that you can’t even fit in your pocket comfortably. You want something that you can comfortably take to the bar, the office, the movies, on a date and still expresses you.

Meet Your Needs

This is why we’ve developed our new iSkipper lines of smartphone cases. All of them are meticulously engineered to be shatterproof and shockproof tested from every single angle by dropping them on concrete, even with their slim fit.

For those professionals out there, our leather wallet cases give you theft protection technology for your credit cards and come in 4 modern, classy palettes.

For those of you who like to show a little bit more of your playful personality every now and again, we’ve got our triple-backed bumper cases where you can switch out the back cover with 3 different included designs depending on your mood.

Interact With You

Lastly, we love to interact with you and get involved. We’re all over social media where you can talk to us, ask questions, and be part of upcoming events. We love to host giveaways, competitions and give out prizes such as weekend getaways to Disneyland.

iSkipper believes very strongly in an open-door policy so don’t be afraid to get in touch, ask questions & enjoy the products!


Our vision atiSkipper is to be a revolutionary company for young students and professionals in terms of the way you think about your smartphone. We want to provide high quality products for the next generation but not only that, we want to make them functional for your action-packed lifestyle.

We envision a line of modern, sleek products that are versatile and useful.

Sleek, Modern Smartphone Accessories

We are a producer of smartphone accessories for the next generation. We are not afraid to investing the necessary time, money and other resources in order to create new

Our line of smartphone cases includes the best new iphone cases on the market in terms of sought after features at incredibly competitive prices.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Lastly, iSkipper envisions a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

Even if you purchase our cases and for some reason you are not completely happy with your purchase, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee no questions asked.


High Quality Engineering

Our products are meticulously engineered to be high quality and packed with features.

You may not even notice many of these features on a daily basis. However,you’ll sure be thankful after your phone remains shatter-less, scratch-less and functional for years, saving you countless exhausting trips to the Apple store.

Unlike any other smartphone cases on the market, ours are built specifically to meet the following requirements specified by you:

- ultra light weight
- guaranteed shockproof & shatterproof
- scratch-proof
- slim-fit
- credit card fraud protection using RFID technology
- style versatility

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns
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